Braided Styles

You can get a lot more from your braiding experience from a reputable salon in your local area, Marietta, GA, where you live. Whether you have long or relatively short hair, Julee African hair Braiding is your ideal expert for braided hairstyles for short hair or long. Our skills have been perfected over the years with our experience, and we remain committed to our job so that our customers will enjoy great customer service. Don’t look further than for the latest and trendy braid styles that you will love. There are a variety of braid styles that you can choose from and our experts are here to help you choose the best that suits you.

Finding a braider who is right for you has been made easier with Julee African Hair Braiding in the area. We have polished our skills and we don’t make the braid too tight that it will hurt your scalp. However, we make them just tight enough so that you will stay for a reasonable period without undoing. We offer great tips on how to maintain your braids. We not only provide braided hairstyles for short hair but if you are interested in cornrow hairstyles then we are the best choice for you in Marietta, GA, Decatur, Atlanta or Douglasville.

We are professionals and you will enjoy your braiding experience at our premise. If you are looking to transition or take a break from chemically relaxed hair, then braiding is the right choice for you. You don’t have to deal with braiders who take periodic breaks to attend to other things or pull your hair too tight, we are the right professional who will take care of your every need to the latter. We provide a myriad of services from cornrow hair styles to manicure and pedicure; we are indeed your ideal hairdresser in the area.